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Statement Of Purpose

Regardless of where you are applying to, you will be needed to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP). A perfectly crafted SOP(also called a Graduate Essay) brings out the student’s character and personality, the strengths and weaknesses, something which the LOR and CV can’t do. Here, you pen down your tale in your words. It is the only non-official record in the application that carries up to 30% weightage in deciding your enrollment. You need to put out the strongest points on what makes you a suitable choice for their programme.

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  • Every Graduate Essay is and has to be exceptionally unique!
  • This is the document which presents you as a person to the admission officials.
  • Your SOP must reflect your individuality, and also display your linguistic skills and mastery in communicating thoughts.
  • A well-drafted Statement gives you an edge over all the other students applying with a similar profile to yours. This means right, clearly used words, free from grammatical errors.

Before You Start

  • Check the Course Requirements to see if there is a topic given for your SOP, which needs to be written about.
  • Do not exceed the word limit for SOP, if mentioned. (500 words/2 pages/ 4500 characters etc.)
  • Never refer any other SOP before initiating with yours. Be accustomed to the standard structure and make a rough draft. This refrains you from using the same words and structure of the referred one.


  • Your CV (optional)
  • Microsoft Word (or any text editor)
  • Text to PDF converter (optional)
  • Grammarly and Hemingway editor (Optional)

Step by step Guide

Your SOP is your story, and no one can tell your story better than you. This guide should give you a proper framework with which you can build your story.

  • Read through your Curriculum Vitae (CV) once. This will show what crucial points can be mentioned in your SOP. This will also help you in differentiating the SOP from a CV.
  • Remember - all your academic info and experiences have already been put down in the CV, so you shouldn't be mentioning them all over again in your SOP.
  • Think about a clear break-point, the one that has driven you to set afoot on your current track and is a noteworthy factor for you to pursue this degree.
  • Now you have enough material to begin with. Sit down and begin your story. You must now add the essence and emotions into your CV.
  • Get your achievements and grades to speak for you and recite the story behind them. Bring life to your work. Just let it out in a continuous flow, you can edit it later.
  • Have someone read through your prepared document; to get a different point of view and their say on it. Check (i) Is the text coherent and easy to follow? (ii) Does it reflect your personality? (iii) Does it bring out the right spirit? Do the correction accordingly.
  • Now have a look at other samples online. This is just to see that your document is on par with the competition. You may also choose to include/exclude something based on this review. But don't be biased to the degree that your essay loses its value.
  • If your University/College expects you to answer any specific question(s), make sure that you have addressed everything in the question. e.g. What motivates you for this domain? Why our College/University?
  • Do not exceed the word limit. This is essential and shows that you are professional and keep all the details in mind.
  • Now do the final editing. You can use free tools like Hemingway editor and Grammarly.
  • Lastly, ‘Justify’ your SOP and insert the header and footer to make it complete.
  • Save it as a PDF. This will instantly make your SOP look far more professional.


  • Writing an excellent, striking SOP takes a lot of effort and a lot of deep thinking. Make sure you have sufficient time to make, edit and proofread your document.
  • 3-5 minutes is the maximum time allotted for your SOP; thanks to the excessive barrage of applications the Universities get. If your SOP is just like the others, it won't get their attention.
  • If you are planning in applying to many universities, you make the admission committee feel that the SOP is written exclusively for their College/University. Do your homework and be smart about which information to mention/omit based on the college profile.
  • Different Universities have different accomplishments, ranked by various standards, accredited by many organisations. Including this in your essay would give the impression that you are well interested in the University.

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