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Moving To Ireland: The Final Checklist

As electrifying and a ‘nail-biting’ experience it was to finally get the university enrollment from your target University at Ireland, leaving behind your loved ones will be easy. Undoubtedly, meeting new people, exploring the foreign sands, and soaking up the colourful culture is sensational! But the truth is that you are going to be leaving the people you love and the place you have grown up in. Moreover, you will have an entire shift in your lifestyle when you move to Ireland. The food changes, the culture is new, the time zones change. You need to be ready for it all.

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There are a few things that can make this switch as comfortable as possible. Let’s go through a few things that you should look into before you leave for Ireland.

1. Bank accounts

  • Ensure that all your bank accounts have the ‘minimum balance’ necessary to keep it active. Else, you might lose your money on the ‘fall below’ penalty.
  • If you have a salary account , it will be transformed into a savings account (with minimum balance Rs.XXXX) after some time, since there is no salary being deposited. Once again, you shall lose your money if you fail to keep the required minimum balance.
  • If you are unable in maintaining the active status of a bank account, it might be wise to withdraw all of your money and close that bank account.
  • If you are planning to access your bank account from Ireland, ensure that the Net Banking facilities have been made available and is active on your bank account.

2. SIM card

  • International roaming services, by default, will not be activated on your SIM. If you are planning on taking the SIM card to Ireland, call and request the customer service to activate the International roaming plan. If you have a postpaid plan, you will probably be doing this on the online customer portal.
  • However, you will be switching to an Irish SIM card once you arrive in Ireland. So you might dump your old SIM card once you are in Ireland. If you have any postpaid plan active, terminate it before you leave.
  • All the airports offer free WiFi. You can call your home during the travel using VoIP calling apps (e.g. MobileVoIP) or you can also buy a matrix SIM card.

3. Other records

Lastly, we would like to remind you of these: confirm that all the income tax records are clean before you depart. You must also check that the services like your Health/Life Insurances, Provident Funds, Credit Cards, Business Partnerships etc. are taken care of. You must ensure that either (i) You can still manage them abroad or (ii) delegate your authority to a trustworthy person in your home country or (iii) end/close it.

4. Education loan

  • Meet the bank manager and discuss on plans to pay the interest for your education loan every month.
  • Note the procedure to get the following instalments of your loan. Also, a list of the records/documents to be submitted to the bank (e.g. University Enrollment Letter)
  • You might want to consider thinking about a Life Insurance on your education loan (to make sure that your family is not burdened in case something unfortunate happens). Again, you can speak about this to the bank manager.

5. Currency exchange

  • You need to keep aside at least a dispensable amount of £1,000 with you when you land in Ireland. Splitting this amount in a prepaid card and cash might be recommendable.
  • Usually, the credit/debit cards might charge you an additional servicing cost or higher conversion rates when you use them in Ireland. So it is recommended to have more money in your prepaid card instead.
  • You now need to grab a good deal for the currency exchange. You can either (i) use this website- BookMyForex to get best deals near your city. (ii) Contact the dedicated Forex companies (iii) Visit some banks, Western Union, Thomas cook etc. to find out the best exchange rate. Buy Dollars.
  • Get yourself a prepaid card. Load the card with at least half the amount of money you are planning to carry. Click here for the detailed process in arranging the prepaid card

Apart from these ‘practical’ matters, you HAVE to ensure that a few basic needs are also taken care of.

6. Learn to cook

  • Whether you know it already or not, cooking is going to be the single most important skill when you’re studying abroad.
  • You will cook at least one meal per day. Eating outside everyday isn’t healthy, neither is it wallet-friendly! Start learning your favorite dishes from your mom!
  • Learn a few variety of dishes which are quick and easy to prepare. For the rest, VahChef and Gobble will be your friends.

7. Do your shopping the right way

About 70 kgs. allowance will be given for all the items you need for a pleasant stay in Ireland. Be smart in packing & in deciding what is needed and more importantly, what is unnecessary to be carried across the seas.

8. Install useful mobile apps

  • Make sure you have all the required apps already downloaded in your phone before you leave for Ireland. Check the reviews of the apps you will be downloading.
  • VoIP Calling Apps : MobileVOIP or any other app you are familiar about
  • Maps : You need to be able to access maps at your destination place. Maps

Lastly, we all have our emotional connections with our family, our friends, our home, our country. Leaving our homeland is creates a void which is hard to fill. Here are some tips to work on it.

9. Eat whatever you want. If any person tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too!

Come on, guys — major issue, especially if you are a foodie. You will miss the tadka and the masalas used in Indian food! Everything, from your faaavourite snacks to your mom’s tempting dinner, will be just a memory. Once you are in Ireland, your food habits will change a lot. Eating with a fork and knife becomes customary and placing a napkin on your lap becomes an involuntary action. Unless you are a good chef, you will have to settle for a bland, less spiced culinary experience. So sit back, relax and go easy on your diet for now. If you’re a fitness freak, it is alright. You can start working out as soon as you land in Ireland. But do not miss out munching on your favourite snack when it is still possible. No country can match the taste of the Dosas, Butter Naans, Carrot Halwa or the Paneer Makhani made at our homeland :’)

10. Spend time with your family; get your personal things 'in order'

Your family has been with you in every struggle and every victory of your life. Mom’s care, dad’s stern looks, brother’s nagging or sister’s toys. Spending time with your family always made your day complete. But now, when you move away, you will be missing your family a lot. So spend as much time with them. Sit down and talk to them about your future plans and goals. Talk to them about their concerns and get all your personal issues sorted out before you make a move. You will not get back the opportunity to sit and talk with them for a long while. Assure your family that you will keep in touch and take their blessings before you leave.

11. Spend time with your best friend

If you are lucky to arrive in Ireland with someone alongside, that’s great! Having nobody around to share your happiness and sadness with, you will find yourself longing for a good companion. Take some time off now and have some great time with your best buds. Go ahead, do all the crazy things you had planned. These moments may take a while to come again. Click as many photos. Record crazy videos. But make sure to spend enough time with them and leave on a good note.

12. Hold your heart and bid the final farewell!

Goodbyes are not easy. Not only does your farewell extend to the people close to you but to all the other things that were a crucial part of your life till now. This farewell goes to your homeland too! You will never to see your motherland the same when you come back home. So be thankful for everyone and everything that has been in your life, and bid farewell with a warm smile.

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