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Flight Booking

For many students out there, this might be your first travel by air! This page assists you with a simplified process for flight booking. In fact, booking flight tickets online is as easy as booking tickets for a bus or a train! So, let’s get started!

Ms in Ireland-Flight Booking-19

Typical fare: Rs. 35,000 - 50,000

Before You Start

  • Decide when you will be leaving for Ireland. You would want to reach there a week/10 days before your (orientation) classes begin. Choose a day somewhere between Monday to Friday; your flight fares will be cheaper. Wednesdays are usually the cheapest day to travel.
  • Surf online, ask your friends or join Facebook groups and make inquiries on the best available flight deals which provide students with the highest baggage allowance.
  • Air India Maharaja Scholars' Offer allows in carrying an extra check-in bag (23 kg) for students travelling to Ireland. But you need to apply for alternate routes, preferably having a stop-over at London/Birmingham, as this offer is not available for direct flights to Ireland. Confirm with the Air India website for more details.
  • Facebook Group Link :
    Air India Maharaja Scholars Offer: Click Here
  • Ensure your credit card/debit card/bank account has a sufficient amount of cash for online payment.
  • Check with your University/College for the airport pickup assistance. Confirm if the service can be provided to you on the date and time of your arrival to Ireland.

Required resources

  • Passport
  • Credit card/Debit card/Internet banking

Step by step guide

  • Step I: Assuming you haven’t found any preferred deal, go to this website - Kayak.
  • Enter the cities you will be travelling to & from. Select all the options highlighted below. Under the Flexible? tab, select Exact dates as ± 3days.
MS in Ireland-20
  • Step II: Now, a list of available dates and flights will be visible. The cheapest fares will be marked in green
MS in Ireland-21
  • Step III: Click on the information shown in green-colour/ with the tag ‘Cheapest’, which indicates the most economical flight fares. Click on View Deal to see more details about the flight. This will redirect to another website (might not be the same one as shown).
MS in Ireland-22
  • Step IV: If multiple trips are displayed, choose one according to your preference. If not, begin with entering the passenger details and payment information
MS in Ireland-23
  • Step V: Verify the information entered for your booking and go ahead with the payment.
MS in Ireland-24
  • Step VI: Once you have completed the payment, you will receive a confirmation to your email, which would contain the payment receipt and your flight booking details. You will also get your e-ticket in the email.
  • Step VII: You will be provided with a booking reference number which you can use to access the airlines’ online website (link will be provided in the mail you receive). You can also reschedule/cancel your ticket (if needed) using this portal.
  • Step VIII: Online check-in will be on from 24 hours before the scheduled flight. You can complete your check-in online (enter details like personal information, Passport number, etc. and confirm your seat number, meals and baggage) to have a speedy process at the airport.


  • Book your flight tickets at the earliest. The fares will be much economical the earlier you book it.
  • If possible, book your flight with someone you know. If this is your first trip on a plane, it is pretty natural to feel restless and enthusiastic altogether. Also, since you are going to a foreign land, having a companion alongside would help reduce your pre-existing nervousness.
  • Always go for the best baggage allowance services over the flight fare for your first trip. You definitely wouldn’t want to leave out any of your essential things which will support you for at least a year.
  • You can get the student offer for flight bookings only once. Take full advantage of this offer!
  • If you think that there might be chances of rescheduling/cancelling your booking, it is recommended to book your tickets on the respective airline's website itself, than any third party website. It might be a bit of trouble with third party websites to deal with such situations. However, the same process is pretty much simple with the respective airline's website.
  • Here's an interesting fact: Searching for flights in the incognito/private browsing mode will get you the lowest prices! Depending on the cache and cookies in your browser, the flight prices vary if a particular route is extensively browsed.

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