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Ireland Student Visa Procedures

Just like any other country, candidates of the non-EU Countries need to apply for a student visa to go and study in the colourful land of Ireland. You need to apply for the Irish Visa at least three months before your travel to Ireland.

Here we shall discuss the process of applying for the Irish student visa.

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Research on the available types of visa you need and apply online

Surf through the website of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (LINK) and analyse on the information related to student visas. Since you will be applying for a Master’s Degree, you need a visa corresponding to support your application for an NFQ Level 9.
Apply online for the student visa on the same website.

Once you have applied, you will receive a summary application sheet showing your entered information. It will also have details if you need to go personally to the Visa Application Centre and provide your biometrics (fingerprint/eye scan) and submit your documents firsthand. If your presence is required, the summary application sheet will instruct you on the same, and you will have to pay all the service fees and book an appointment.

This sheet also has your Application Transaction Number, which will represent your application id.

Pay your Visa fee and extra charges. Buy additional services if required

Being an Indian student, it is mandatory for you to be present at the application centres. Complete all payments regarding the visa fee and service costs on the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service portal. Any payment regarding the visa and servicing fees will not be accepted at VFS Global.
If you require any additional optional services, you can pay for those at VFS Global Visa Centres.
  • Register your details on the Immigration Portal
    Register your details on the website and enter your Application Transaction Number, Passport Number, Passport Expiry Date and the email address to be contacted to. You can then pay for your visa and servicing charges.
  • Purchase Extra Services:
    You will be presented with extra added-value services before you proceed with the final payment. These services have no direct influence on the result of your Visa application but might aid in making the process smoother. You can opt for them if you want, or skip this.
    After this, agree to their ‘Terms and Conditions’. Proceed to the Payment page
  • Note: The Visa Fees are not refundable.

Schedule your Visa appointment

Now that you are required to go to the Visa Application Centre VFS Global, you are supposed to book for an appointment. After completing the payment procedures, you can schedule an appointment on the website.

Assemble all important documents

You need to carry along all the essential documents for the visa application. Firstly, get your application receipt and payment confirmation printed to be carried for the appointment. Apart from these, you need to take other documents like your Acceptance Letter, application summary sheet, photographs, passport, proof of paying college fees, etc. You will be informed on the same by email, or you can check their website.

Your application will not be accepted and forwarded at the Visa Application Centre if any document(s) is missing. Instead, you will be provided with a chance to submit the missing documents only if you can provide it on the same day. Else, you are required to cancel your application, or you can reschedule it to another day.

Attend your appointment

Arrive about 20 minutes earlier for your appointment. If they are free, you will finish off the procedures early. Carry all the necessary documents. You need to take a token for your turn. Once the procedures are completed, you will get an acknowledgement receipt.

Make arrangements for Documents collection

Now that you have finished all procedures make arrangements on how you would like to get your documents. Choose if you will visit the office in person and collect it, or have it sent to your home by post.

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