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Top 10 Universities for Master’s in Marketing in Ireland

Top 10 Universities for Master's in Marketing in Ireland

Ireland is becoming a hub for academic as well as professional pursuits for international students. Ireland is home to many premier universities that offer wide range of master programs, and marketing degrees are the most sough-after off late. A Master's in Marketing degree in Ireland aims at providing the necessary academic knowledge in the field of Marketing. Students pursuing a master's program in this field will gain the required skills in the areas of product planning, advertising, consumer behaviour, social networking and communication skills, sales and brand management skills.

A Master's in Marketing is designed to help an individual gain expertise in the field of marketing, which is an integral part of a business. Professionals with marketing degrees can pursue a career in various related fields such as digital marketing, creative marketing, public sector marketing or international marketing. A marketing specialisation can be of great use to maximise sales, setting up prices, and assessing the competitors. A marketing manager can bag up to 100000 Euros on an average annually.

Below listed are the top 10 universities that offer Master's in Marketing Degrees in Ireland :

1. Technological University Dublin

Master's in Marketing

source : Irishtime

In the year 2019, The Technological University Dublin or TU Dublin took over the operation of three institutions namely Dublin Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown, and Institute of Technology, Tallaght, and become the first technological university in Ireland.

TU Dublin's master in Marketing program is a conversion program primarily aimed at non-business graduates with an inclination for business and want to develop a career in the business domain. Irrespective of your undergraduate specialisation, you are eligible to apply for this program. MBA graduates from TU Dublin are in huge demand in the field of marketing, media and other business-related domains.

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2. National University of Ireland, Galway

National University of Ireland, Galway

source : Galwaydaily

The National University of Ireland, Galway or NUI Galway is a third-level teaching institution and is one of the three Queen’s colleges in Ireland. The university is ranked among the top universities in the QS world ranking.

The university’s master’s in marketing program prepares students for senior marketing positions, particularly in international marketing and management. The program helps graduates to gain the necessary skills set, analytical skills and knowledge required to face the challenges in the current business market. The program also provides practical training along with excellent academic syllabus to help students boost their confidence before they step into the real world.

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3. University College Cork

University College Cork

source : University College Cork

Like the NUI, Galway the University College Cork or the National University of Ireland, Cork is also a part of the Queen's College in Ireland. The Master's in Marketing course is outlined in a manner that graduates without any prior management degree can apply for this program. Anyone from science, engineering and even law and medical background who wish to study marketing in Ireland can apply for this course. The cours includes lectures, tutorials, workshops, industrial visits and research projects. It emphasises on teaching subjects such as strategic innovation, enterprise or marketing capability that are necessary for developing a successful career in business.

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4. University College Dublin

University College Dublin

source : Malcolm Reading

Established in the year 1854, the University College Dublin a.k.a UCD is the largest research university in Ireland. It is also a member of the National University of Ireland. The MSc in Marketing program offered by the university is a course that puts students through rigorous training to enhance their existing business-related skills. With the increase in the number of digital platforms, there is a need for finding innovative ways to engage customers effectively. UCD's MSc in Marketing programs provides students with the theoretical and practical knowledge for an individual to work at renowned companies such as PepsiCo., P&G, Unilever and Danone.

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5. Maynooth University

Maynooth University

source : MECPATHS

Maynooth University is a part of the National University of Ireland and the top university in the city of Maynooth. The MSc in Marketing is sketched for graduates who are interested in marketing and are from non-business educational backgrounds. The program helps you understand the functioning of an organisation in a digital environment and prepares you for the competitive global market after studying marketing in Ireland.

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6. University of Limerick

University of Limerick

source : Wikimedia

The University of Limerick is a prestigious third-degree education institution located in Limerick, Ireland. The university offers a master's in marketing that aims to fulfil the objectives such as understanding customer needs, developing a theoretical and practical understanding of marketing and developing necessary personal and professional skills. Thus, the program equips the students with a comprehensive understanding of the customer market and enables them to come up with solutions for issues related to marketing.

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7. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin

source : Trinity College Dublin

The Trinity College Dublin (also known as the College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin) is an esteemed research university in Ireland. The MSc in Marketing is an intensive programme that was formulated to equip students with the necessary strategic decision-making skills, leadership skills, data analytics and marketing skills that is necessary for facing real-life marketing problems. The program comprises of interactive lessons, real-life case studies, small group assignments and seminars by experts in the field of marketing. The TUD Marketing programs also give a chance for students to work with top faculty and executives in world-renowned tech companies like Google and Microsoft.

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8. Cork Institute of Technology

Cork Institute of Technology

source : youtube

The Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) formerly known as the Regional Technical College, Cork, is an educational Institute located in Cork, Ireland. The university provides both part-time and full-time courses in the disciplines of art, business, engineering and more. The Masters in Marketing program aims to turn its marketing graduates into marketing practitioners with a curriculum that includes live assignments, workshops and industry-based marketing consultancy. Students studying marketing in Ireland will be able to achieve the necessary skills required to become a successful marketing professional.

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9. Dublin Business School

Dublin Business School

source : The Credenc

Dublin Business School (DBS) and the Portobello College, form the two largest independent colleges in Ireland. The courses and degrees offered by this university is recognised by the QQI or Quality and Admissions Ireland. The MSc in Marketing offered by university enables its graduates to work as a junior executive to a senior marketing executive in both national and international companies. The key features of this program include small class groups, theoretical and practical sessions and scientific research in marketing and related subjects.

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10. Dundalk Institute of Technology

Dundalk Institute of Technology

source : Dundalk Institute of Technology

The Dundalk Institute of Technology is a technological institute located in Louth county, Ireland. The MBS in Entrepreneurship and Marketing program offered by the university aims to produce independent, self-reliant graduates with sound theoretical and practical knowledge in entrepreneurship and marketing. Dundalk Institute of Technology graduates will be able to get employment as managers in both specialist and non-specialist roles in various industrial sectors or emerge as an entrepreneur.

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Conclusion :

In this blog, we have listed the top universities for Master's in Marketing in Ireland. You can get all the pertinent details such as the course details, duration, entry requirements, and admission semester and program fees of the best universities offering master programs in marketing. This will help you make an informed decision in choosing the one that complies with your needs.

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