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Top 10 Master’s Courses to Study in Ireland

Top 10 Master’s Courses to Study in Ireland

Ireland is an excellent option for master’s in various subjects due to its quality of higher education and world-class infrastructure. Also, the country’s universities feature in the top 3 per cent of the world. Irish research field ranks amongst the top one per cent in 18 different fields. Be it IT, engineering, arts or science, Ireland offers a wide range of options to study. As the country has a public education system, it makes your master’s program quite affordable. Ireland maintains good relation with almost all the nations, which makes it easier for you to get a high paying job anywhere inside Europe.

There are several top-notch universities in Ireland which are excellent places to complete your higher education and earn an internationally-recognised degree. Below is a list of Top 10 master’s courses to study in Ireland.


Business Analytics

The purpose of the Master of Business Analytics is to enhance the learning skills of students with the help of knowledge and research. It helps you critically analyse, implement and evaluate the concept of big data. Masters in Business Analytics offers you the perfect blend of knowledge in data science, management skills and information technology. It helps you with analytical thinking and making informed decisions when there is a large quantity of data available.

The universities offer  two types of courses in this field :

Part-time : Takes two years to complete

Full-time: Takes one year to Complete

Top Universities to pursue Business Analytics in Ireland :


Artificial Intelligence

Master’s in Artificial Intelligence helps to facilitate collaborations among enterprises, academic institutions and industries to improve the skill level of their employees in getting maximum output. MS in artificial intelligence is a recently launched course in Ireland in response to the growing demand of various industries for AI skills. For Irish companies, Artificial Intelligence is shaping and creating exciting new opportunities across all sectors. It is essential for the growth of various industries around the globe and is expected to contribute 48 billion in the next five years to the Irish economy.

Top Universities to Pursue MS in Artificial Intelligence in Ireland


Software Engineering

It aims to develop or design new applications in keeping with the latest demands of the industries. Furthermore, Software Engineering is involved in the process of analysing existing software and modifying it to meet current application requirements. As computer hardware is becoming more affordable, the focus has shifted to making software systems better. Large software systems are more complicated than the hardware used to run them, so there is a high demand for master’s in Software Engineering.

Top Universities to Pursue MS in Software Engineering in Ireland


Digital Marketing

MS in digital marketing focuses on digital design and the experience of consumers. It also enhances digitalisation of communication between customers, free users and companies. It also enhances your understanding of how companies operate in the digital world. Students also get an understanding of how specific tools such as Google Analytics, Google operate can be operated perfectly.

Top Universities to Pursue MS in Digital Marketing in Ireland


Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing ideals with cloud architecture, cloud security, data mining and networks. MS in Cloud Computing in Ireland is designed to describe various cloud technologies, platforms and services used by organisations. They have significant applications in business operations and are very vital for their survival.

Top Universities to Pursue MS in Cloud Computing in Ireland



Cybersecurity is an issue that is continuously in the headlines and has become a central plot in this computer-dependent world. MS in cybersecurity in Ireland focuses on the security of all the software systems and addressing them by laying emphasis on preventive approaches. It emphasises the study of cryptographic methods, system fundamentals and forensic techniques.

Top Universities to Pursue MS in Cyber Security in Ireland


Computer Science

MS in Computer Science in Ireland is the study of data and how instructions are processed, stored, communicated using computing devices. Masters in Computer Science in Ireland involves designing software and the nature of computation. It also encompasses many aspects of hardware and architecture in computer systems.

Top Universities to Pursue MS in Data Science in Ireland


Big Data

Big data is a field that looks for ways to analyse, extract information from a data set which is way too complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing application software.
Master’s in Big data in Ireland looks beyond traditional education and offers students an opportunity to gain real-world experience. Whether you decide to stay in Ireland or go elsewhere for employment, you are sure to benefit from this course.

Top Universities to Pursue MS in Big Data in Ireland


Data Science

Data Science is the study about the source of information, how it is understood and, how it can be turned into a resource for the development of IT and business strategies. The enormous amounts of data can be classified into numerous patterns which is beneficial in getting control over costs and recognising new business opportunities. This process , increases your organisation’s competitive advantage over everyone else.

Top Universities to Pursue MS in Data Science in Ireland


Data Analytics

Data analytics deals with the understanding data sets and using them to get answers about the information available with the help of various designed systems. They are extensively used by top firms to make informed business decisions using the numerous kinds of scientific and numeric data available.

Top Universities to Pursue MS in Data Analytics in Ireland

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