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Durgesh Bargoti

With higher education becoming expensive over the years, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to afford a master’s education abroad. However, that does not mean that you have to give up your dreams of getting an international degree. Countries like Ireland, which are the new hubs for higher education, offer quality education with an …

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Ireland is an excellent option for master’s in various subjects due to its quality of higher education and world-class infrastructure. Also, the country’s universities feature in the top 3 per cent of the world. Irish research field ranks amongst the top one per cent in 18 different fields. Be it IT, engineering, arts or science, …

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Colleges and universities all over Ireland offer a wide range of accommodation options for international students studying in Ireland. There are both on-campus and off-campus accommodations available. Some students prefer independent rented accommodations. The cost of both the accommodations vary to a great extent. There is also the concept of the host family, which is …

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