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Accommodation Options for International Students Living in Ireland

Accommodation Options for International Students Living in Ireland

Colleges and universities all over Ireland offer a wide range of accommodation options for international students studying in Ireland. There are both on-campus and off-campus accommodations available. Some students prefer independent rented accommodations. The cost of both the accommodations vary to a great extent. There is also the concept of the host family, which is quite popular. You can find these accommodations either by going through the local newspapers or by searching the websites that provide accommodation services.

There are specific points you need to keep in mind while deciding where you want to live. You must start looking for accommodation at the earliest. Do well-drafted research online about the place you want to stay in and get a cost estimate so that you are financially prepared to bear the cost of accommodation. Make sure that the distance between the university and the residence is not too much. Given below are the various types of accommodation available in Ireland:

On-Campus Accommodation

On-campus accommodations are generally the most sought after as they are within the premises of the university and allows you to use all the facilities available in the university, like the library and the cafeteria. They are also the most difficult to get, as they are in such high demand and the numbers available are quite low.

The universities in Ireland have halls of residence, which are generally apartments shared by 4 to 8 students. They have a variety of amenities like a private bedroom, a shared kitchen, and a bathroom, amongst other things. The payments need to be made in two instalments, one in September and the other in February. Campus accommodations do not provide you with the option to pay your rent every month. You are also required to pay a deposit in advance, which is refunded when you vacate. Then there are other utilities such as electricity and heating for which you are required to pay an additional amount if you exceed the standard set by the institution.

Rented Accommodation

Students who want to opt for more independent living can go for rented accommodation. These accommodations are self-catering. You are required to pay a month’s rent as advance, and along with that you need to make rental payments at the end of each month. In the rental agreement, you are required to sign a lease which ranges from nine to twelve months. If for some reason you break the contract or the details mentioned in it regarding your conduct, the owner can take away the one month advance which you paid upfront.

You are required to inform the owner one month in advance when you decide to leave. You need to make sure that you do not cause the owner any financial loss by breaking anything. If you do, you are liable for a penalty.

Living with a host family

If you are a student who wishes to be independent but also want the warmth living inside a home, then residing with a host family might be the perfect option. They are much more affordable than an independent rented place and will also allow you to develop a bonding with the local community, which might come in handy.

They help you get accustomed to the Irish way of life, and it would also help you know the people better culturally. During your time of staying there, you might develop strong professional bonds with the locals, which might help get you placed there in the city itself.

The Average cost of living

Cost of living is one of the most important factors that need to be considered while deciding upon a place to study. How much you will have to spend will vary depending on which part of Ireland you are staying in and the type of accommodation that you are looking for, to match your lifestyle. On average, it costs around 7000 to 12000€ per annum.

Ways to search for accommodation

Most of the colleges have a dedicated Accommodation Office to cater to the needs of international students looking for appropriate accommodation. They are quite helpful in their approach and might get you a reasonable deal. They are also the ones you need to approach if you face any sort of problem in your commute or accommodation.

You can also approach a real estate agent in the city or by lookup for listings in the newspaper in specialized columns., and other websites have a profile of various rental properties with their costs which you can visit from anyplace around the world. Generally, it is not possible to book long-term accommodation in advance because the owners of the properties do not prefer to hold rooms before receiving the rent.

The website,, facilitates direct communication between the homeowners who have advertised in their site and the potential tenants. It is especially beneficial in case you want to prepare for everything in advance and be ready for all the costs that follow. It helps you decide everything before you move to Ireland, and it is also an excellent place for cultural exchange as students from all across the globe try this to get a place to live. Additionally, this website enables you to foot your bill if you are an exchange student by allowing you to rent your room to another student while you are away.

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